A horses's body is 60% MUSCLE! Have you ever seen your horse slip or stumble during turnout? Just as we can injure our muscles in everyday activity, so can horses! Even pleasure horses can have muscle soreness and/or spasms.

Equine Sports Massage can improve:

-Shortened Strides
-Head Tossing
-Cold Backed & Girthiness
-Troublesome Transitions
-Tripping Frequently
-Healing of Injuries & Swelling

*Equine Sports Massage is NOT a substitute for proper veterinary care!*

I have been certified through Equissage©, Inc. of Round Hill, VA.

Sports massage is the only therapy specifically oriented to prepare a total body or an individual muscle for exercise.

It produces a degree of freedom and ease of motion
beyond that which the body can achieve for itself.

Judicially applied it can never do harm - only do good.

It's a basic that should be learned and not complicated.

The most valuable asset that any moving body can
have both for performance and protection is Free

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